Tell Me About You - the latest single from Kustus

As promised, here is the newest single from Kustus. This time in english language again. The very first release candidate of this song was ready a year ago, so it has taken a whole year to get it in a state that I feel is good enough to publicize... Tips to speed up the process are welcome! haha

So this is it - my breakup song after 16 years together with my ex.
I'm not saying a bad word about her - the magnificent mother of my children, because she's awesome!
The text is more or less about giving up the relationship that unfortunately died and then moving on. - And also keeping hope that I'll some time find a new special someone that loves me for who and what I am.

You find the song on Spotify and most digital platforms.

I have an idea for a music video, and hope I to make it during the coming weeks if I find time.

Do you like what you hear? Let me know - and please share!