New music coming up soon

It's been a couple of years since the latest release from Kustus.

The reason for that is lack of time. And lack of confidence. And life in general. I have gone through a divorce the last year and started a new job. Life is tough at times!

I keep producing music in the studio, but disappointingly little comes out of it. The hard drive keeps filling up with audio files, but it's hard to finish stuff when you work alone and only have yourself to rely on to push through.
"Is it any good? Is it worth it? Is anybody really interested?"
- those questions have different answers every day, and varies a lot with my self confidence.

"Why do you do it?" - If I don't let other people hear my music - why do I even go on?

I have been collaborating with some people the last year which has given me more energy and more confidence, and lately I have been able to focus on 3-4 tracks to finish and prepare for release. Two self composed songs and two cover songs.

The first will hopefully be released digitally within a couple of weeks, and is a song called "Tell me about you".

Watch this space, and follow Kustus on Facebook to receive news.


PKB said…
Hello there!
I'd like to thank you for your music/artistic message. It found its way to Poland. It's not that I have nothing to do with Norway at all. Used to live in Oslo in years 2007-2010, learned some language and sometimes I like to search the YouTube and travel back to Norway in fantasies.
I really like your music. I learn to play drums and it has changed my perception of the music completely. Gave some insight into the creative process. It's a pity your projects are not more popular. They really deserve it. I hope life has shown some more cheerful and positive side to you.
P.S. The cats from "Stort og svart" are just like mine (two of mine, cause I have three fierce feline carnivores masters)

Best regards,