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KUSTUS is a music collective started in Oslo in 2009. It was started by long time friends Holger Lockertsen and Tord Næss as a means of channeling creative output of what they were tinkering with in Holgers home studio.

In 2012 Holger moved to Telemark from Oslo, and so collaboration has been harder, and most of what is released as Kustus recently is mainly from Holger. However, we hope to meet up more in the future. Tord is still writing lyrics.

We enjoy working with music and sound, but we also like to combine it with visual ideas and make music videos.

Musically we are moving in a landscape between rock and electronica/ambient. We make both vocal music and instrumental, and we make music both in Norwegian and English language.

Bands we are influenced by:

Depeche Mode
The Chemical Brothers
Groove Armada
Dumdum Boys
The Prodigy
Pink Floyd
JEan Michel Jarre


Popular posts from this blog

Standing in the rain released

It has been a long time in the making, but today we finally released a new song and video.

Holger has been incapacitated for a long time, struggling with the old devil called depression. After a year of doing nothing creative, he finally pulled together and found motivation and inspiration to complete and release both a song and a music video.

For the first time he has not used own footage, but found Public Domain free footage that he collected and edited to be this music video.


Stort og svart released

We are proud to announce our latest single: Stort og svart.
It is released in norwegian language, and is a cover version of the song originally released by famous norwegian rock band Dumdum Boys.


Listen @soundcloud:

New page for Kustus

Our main channel for communication will probably be Facebook, but we will also use the webpage for communication. We found it easier to use a template based blog platform than keep updating a tailored webpage, so we moved to